Thank You

Thank you for confirming that you’d like to keep getting my emails. That means a lot.




You don’t need to do anything else, but, if you’re nerdy or interested, I’ll give some context of why this was needed. You don’t need to read on if you don’t want. It’s all good.

The European Union has enacted a law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While this requires a lot of effort on the part of companies and organisations, it’s a positive thing that regulates how your personal data is collected and processed.

As you’ve been good enough to give me your email address (or any other information), I have to comply with this law too.


I don’t run a giant multinational corporation with its own team of grey-suited lawyers. For better or worse, this means that I’m not focused on a lot of party-of-the-first-part-objection-your-honour legalese.

So, in actually discussing this, I’m going to boil this stuff down to what I think is fair, honest, and honourable (which is, I believe, the gist of the actual GDPR law).

Email enquiries and appointments

If you’ve contacted me to make an enquiry or to book an appointment, I will only contact you in relation to that subject. I will not send you any unsolicited emails or marketing emails.

A word on ‘marketing’

Keeping up the honesty thing, If you’re on my mailing list. I will sometimes send you an email telling you about something I’ve created that I hope you’ll buy.

Anyone who has been reading my emails for a while will already know that I don’t do that very often. Truth be told, I’m a terrible salesperson but I don’t like hassling people because I don’t like to be hassled in that way either. I believe that the ratio of ‘marketing’ to useful and interesting emails is more than fair — I really hope you agree.

I’ll continue to occasionally email my newsletter subscribers about my stuff in the hope that some will buy something and find it useful. Again, if that’s something that you’re not into, you can click the unsubscribe link down the bottom of the email.

A word on your personal data

I don’t do anything untoward with your data. You’ve been good enough to give me your email address and I have absolutely no intention of abusing your trust by ever selling that information, or passing it on in any nefarious way, shape, or form.

Privacy policy

Yeah. yeah. I know privacy policies are dull. I have to do it. Sorry. My privacy policy is available to read on my website. The law doesn’t say you have to read it but I do have to have one. I’ve tried to keep it simple and honest.