Why choose Haze Guitar Repair? 

Here’s the thing: I understand it’s a big deal to have the guitar you love repaired after it’s been damaged, or even to hand it over to someone for a simple setup. I know you want that guitar back playing, feeling and looking as well as it possibly can. 

I take what I do very seriously. Repeat custom and word-of-mouth referrals form a huge part of my business and I am incredibly proud of that. This isn’t something I want to see change and I work hard to maintain the reputation I have. Happy customers (and some pride in my work) are the secret to that. 

Custom-cut acoustic guitar bridge replacement

Aftermarket pickup installation and body/pickguard routing

Neck Reset - steaming dovetail joint to soften glue for neck removal

Guitar Repair Workshop and Services

Haze Guitars has a dedicated, professional, instrument repair workshop that’s fully equipped to take on any repair job, including:

  • Complete Service and Instrument Set-up (action, intonation, adjust truss rod, trem set-up, fret buffing, nut set-up, clean electronics, balance output, etc.)
  • Fret work (full refret, fret level and dress, radius flattening for choking bends, loose fret ends, etc.)
  • Finishing (touch-up, chip repair, etc.)
  • Structural Work and Repairs (cracks, neck reset, broken headstock, loose bridges, brace and bridge plate repairs, etc.)
  • Upgrades (replace tuners, upgrade nut/saddle, pickups, install acoustic undersaddle pickup, etc.)
  • Electronics (repairs and troubleshooting, pickup swaps, upgrades, custom options, etc.)

Extensive side crack repair on an acoustic guitar

Refret: Heating frets while removing helps minimise fingerboard chipping

Custom-cutting bone nut ensures best fit and tone

Instrument Repair Service

I’ll be happy to assess and discuss any repair or set-up issue you might have. I’ll provide you with an estimate for the work and will talk you through what’s involved in as much detail as you like (or as you can stand).

While I specialise in electric and acoustic guitars and basses (from any manufacturer), I’m happy to take a look at any stringed instrument and help out if I can. I’ve repaired a lot of banjos, mandolins, ukes and whatnot over the years and I’ll do my best get you playing again.

Cleats strengthen long crack-repairs in acoustic instruments

Refinish in Candy Apple Red

Les Paul neck removed to repair broken heel

Clamping a repaired lifting acoustic guitar bridge

Bending wood to use as backstrap overlay on headstock/neck repair

Fitting guitar heel during neck reset

ndercutting frets for refret on bound fingerboard

Important guitar repair tool: Tea

Glueing repaired dovetail neck-joint