All Change

Haze Guitars Instrument Repair, Dublin, Ireland

Come on in. Sit down. Did you bring a house-warming gift? Oh… 

Welcome to the new-look, Haze Guitars site. It's all posh and shiny. My army of web-monkeys have toiled through the night to get things up and running. I've sent them off with a heap of bananas and a carton of Marlboro. They seem tired but happy.  

What do you reckon?

Blogging has been a little quiet of late as I've been working on this and twelve billion other things but we'll get things back on track. If you have an RSS feed-reader (that hasn't been abandoned—thanks Google), you can subscribe to the Haze Blog Feed

Or, you can find me on Facebook or Twitter if that's more your thing.

If you spot anything weird or buggy on the site, drop me a line and I'll punish the monkeys. Not too much, though—once I figure out how to get wings on them, I'm taking over the world.