How to solve intonation problems on a guitar or bass
Hit some trouble trying to get your guitar’s intonation juuuust right?
Let’s get you back on track.

Intonation can be tricky. No doubt.

There are a lot of factors that all add up to give you good intonation and there's plenty of stuff to consider if you're having some hassles. 

Many of the solutions in Solving Intonation Problems are things you might not think of when you've run into trouble with your intonation. Any one of them — or a combination — may just get you to Intonation Nirvana (or as close as it's possible to get). 

What you'll learn

  • A recap on how to actually set your intonation with links for different instruments. 
  • The impact of your instrument's setup on intonation.
  • How the nut and fret condition can affect your intonation.
  • Adapting your intonation to your own individual playing style.  
  • How to deal with saddles that don't reach their proper intonation point.
  • Intonation 'systems': Earvana, Buzz Feiten, True Temperament, etc.
  • Last resorts. 
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About The Author

Gerry Hayes from Haze Guitars

Hey. I'm Gerry Hayes. I've been building guitars for nearly twenty years and I've repaired thousands of instruments in my time running Haze Guitars. Everything from straightforward setups to massively complex structural repairs and restorations.

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