Truss Rods Made Easy

Of all the parts of a guitar, there is none that inspires more confusion and dread than the truss rod. It doesn’t have to be so hard.

So many players are happy to work on any other part of their guitars, but are nervous of ever touching the truss rod. It's a subject that's overflowing with horror stories and misinformation.

The truth is though, armed with a little knowledge, the truss rod needn’t be so intimidating.

Truss Rods Made Easy is a Haze Guitars Guide that will put an end to the mystery.

What you'll learn

  • All about the different types of adjustable truss rod and how they work
  • Symptoms of the problems truss rods can address and how you can fix them
  • Relief: What it is and how to measure it without a toolbox full of expensive gear
  • How you can make truss rod adjustments properly and safely
  • How to deal with a truss rod that won’t cooperate, including information on Rickenbacker rods
  • Where to find tools, truss rod wrenches, and similar luthiers' supplies
Haze Guitars Guides are written to be accessible and fun while still being crammed full of all the information you need to really understand the topic.

Truss Rods Made Easy is available as a digital download. Sign up below and get your free copy.

About The Author

Gerry Hayes from Haze Guitars

Hey. I'm Gerry Hayes. I've been building guitars for nearly twenty years and I've repaired thousands of instruments in my time running Haze Guitars. Everything from straightforward setups to massively complex structural repairs and restorations.

I feel I've a pretty good grasp on this guitar stuff and I've written these Haze Guitars Guides to help you get to grips with it too.