As Seen On TV

A little while back, RTÉ* visited Haze Guitars with a view to filming something of how an electric guitar is made. The piece was intended for a segment on News2Day—a news show for younger viewers.

They asked some questions, I talked a lot, and they filmed some stuff. Much editing fitted my ramblings into a piece on Monday's show

Many of you with children on mid-term break spotted me on your TVs (and kicked off a minor text/email storm—thanks for that). For anyone else who might have children wondering about luthiery, you can watch online for another while.   


They thankfully edited out the time when they asked a question, so fundamental that most guitarists never even think about it, and I panicked and just spouted gibberish for thirty seconds. Phew!

I'm off to change all my stationary to read, "As Seen On TV".

* For international readers, RTÉ is Ireland's national broadcaster.