Haze Guitars Setup Sale 2016

The Haze Guitars January Setup Sale

The Haze Guitars January Setup Sale

Haze Setup Sale 2016

I honestly thought this would be a good idea when I started doing it. Little did I know it would make me a crazed, mumbling, lunatic for a month of every year.

But, for you, and for the sake of brilliantly set-up guitars, I will steel myself one again, for:

The It’ll-Definitely-Kill-Me-One-Of-These-Years Haze Guitars January Setup Sale.

Haze Guitars Setup Sale

All guitars and basses dropped off between January 4th and January 30th will get Haze-quality setups for crazy-person prices:

Setup on a guitar will cost €35 and and will include a fresh set of strings*. Same price for acoustics, electrics and even pointy, Floyd-equipped, axes for the duration of the sale.

Setup on a bass will cost €30 (plus the cost of strings if you want or need them).

To avail of this splendid offer, book an appointment. Seriously, just go to to the appointments page and book your own time in my calendar. No need to call.

You should probably hurry as times are already filling up with the sale-anticipators. Oh, well. At least you don’t have to camp out before this sale. ;-)

*A little info on strings. As standard, I fit D'Addario for electrics and Martin for acoustics. If you prefer something else, feel free to bring along a set.