Haze Setup Sale 2015

Setups may make me blind. I hope you're happy.  ;-)

Setups may make me blind. I hope you're happy.  ;-)

It's time.

Time I take my sanity in my hands and risk it all for the sake of beautifully set-up guitars and basses.

Time for the Utterly-Crazy-What-On-Earth-Am-I-Doing Haze Guitars January Setup Sale.

I don't know why I do it every year. By the end of the month, I end up a gibbering wreck, huddled in a corner, in a feotal position, rocking back and forth and muttering, "Why can't the tun-o-matics match the fingerboard radius?" over and over and over.

But still I do it. In many ways, I'm like some sort of hero. Let's not get into that now, though. All that blushing won't help my blood pressure.

The details:

Any guitars and basses dropped off for setup between January 5th and January 31st will get a Haze-quality setup for clearly crazy prices.

If you've a guitar, a setup will cost €30 and will include a fresh set of strings*. This will apply to acoustics, electrics and even pointy, Floyd-equipped, axes for the duration of the sale.

If you've a bass, a setup will cost €25 (plus the cost of strings if you want or need them).

Drop me a line and we'll get your guitars and basses playing their best.

*A little info on strings. As standard, I fit D'Addario for electrics and Martin for acoustics. If you prefer something else, feel free to let me have a set. Alternatively, I can supply some and sort out any difference in costs (although this might add a little time if I need to order something).