Shoddy Floyd Rose Setup

Really, really shoddy work. And not just shoddy work but bare-faced, hard-necked, cheek.

You see, someone charged for this train wreck.

Really. Someone had the balls to claim to be a guitar repair tech, to claim to know how to set up a Floyd Rose equipped guitar, and then had the massive balls to actually charge for this.

Look at it (click to embiggen). A customer dropped it in recently and asked if I could have a look as they didn't think the last guy was quite on the level.

That's an understatement. Whoever it was that 'set this up' failed utterly to balance the Floyd bridge and shoved a messy wad of hard foam underneath to try compensate for that. Not that that's going to work as it's string tension pulling it to much - which is obvious from the insane angle of the 'rest' position. The guy didn't even mange to get the Floyd knife-edge bearing against the proper position on the posts - the bass-side actually bears against the threaded section of the post.

There's no way this system would ever work properly like this. It's got limited pitch-drop movement, no back/up movement, won't stay in tune, has really high action and, probably the least of the problems, the intonation's way out.

Someone charged for this. Look at it. Someone had the nerve to charge for this. I'm struggling with that.

I make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. Most don't charge for their mistakes, however. And I think it's being generous to call this a mistake instead of lazy, opportunistic and even dishonest.