The Next Generation of Guitar Geek

Just a quick message to let you know that the next couple of days may be a little hectic and disorganised here at Haze Guitars. My wife has just given birth to the next generation of guitar geek, you see, and I'll be in Adjustment-Mode for a day or two.  Plus, it was necessary to pull an all-nighter as she was too selfish to go into labour in the morning. The whole thing is unlikely to cause any major problems but if I'm a little off my game over the next day or so, my apologies.  You can blame my wife.

While I'm aware that nobody is remotely interested, there is a law that states parents must force others to view pictures of their new-born children (I'm sorry, I don't make the laws).  Here is a 10-minute old child doing an impression of Brian Johnson - I believe it's Hells Bells he's singing.