Weird drawings 'n' stuff

Because of some technical hitches, my newsletter email didn’t fire this week. So, I’m delaying the regularly scheduled post about guitary stuff and taking the opportunity — over the next few days — to catch up on some housekeeping and other things I’ve been meaning to blog about.

Starting with this crazy tangent…

Gerry’s weird hobby

If you’ve read Sketchy Setups, you probably have some inkling that I like to draw stuff. Over the years, I’ve made heaps of diagrams for this site and have become more comfortable with some drawing apps.

So much so, I started making stuff other than how-to illustrations. Stuff I uploaded to Redbubble (affiliate link, obviously) who will print them onto t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, stickers, or pretty much any type of merch you can think of.

I’m going to tell you about them and then never speak of them again. 😟

Disclosure: All the links are my stuff/affiliate links. I get some pennies if you buy anything.

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome sticker.

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome sticker.


All of them are mostly daft and require a sense of humour similar to mine. Some of them are slightly guitar and music related.

Some of them are pop-culture type things (and I admit you may need to be a nerd or old for some of the references).

But, since this is Haze Guitars’ blog, I’ll stick with a couple of others vaguely related to music

We'll fix it in the mix (single fader version)

We'll fix it in the mix (single fader version)

We'll fix it in the mix (multiple fader version)

We'll fix it in the mix (multiple fader version)

You can see all my current stuff on Redbubble if you like.

All of it can be printed onto t-shirts, laptop skins, and a mind-boggling array of stuff.

One thing I’ll say: If you are considering buying anything from Redbubble, keep an eye out for their sales. They happen every few days (literally) and you can usually get around 20% off stuff. Check the banner at the top of every page and it’ll often have a code for big discounts.

Now, as I’m insecure and frightened of this sort of exposure, I’ll slink away.