How to Adjust a truss rod and set neck relief

This page is a little different to the others. 

On the other How-To pages, you get some general information and considerations about a topic and then some links to articles on specific instruments. When we're considering neck relief, however, well, I wrote the book on that. ;-)

Rather than repeat a lot of stuff here, I'll just advise you to get yourself a copy of Truss Rods Made Easy. It's completely free if you sign up for my email newsletter (which also contains tons of cool tips and info). 

Truss Rod Adjustment

So, while Truss Rods Made Easy covers a big chunk of what you'll need to know on the subject, I've written a few other things on the topic that you might also find useful. 

Adjusting the truss rods on a Rickenbacker

Accessing the truss rod on Ovation guitars with no sound-hole

Resolving a truss rod rattle

Heat-correcting a back-bowed neck

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