Haze Super Setup Sale in January

haze guitar and bass setup sale

It's here again: the Massive and Brilliant, Haze Guitars Super Setup Sale. That means Haze-quality setups for stupid prices.

We're talking any guitar for €25 (which includes fresh strings*) and any bass for €20 (strings extra if needed as some bassists only change strings twice in a lifetime).

This craziness applies to any instrument dropped off at my workshop between 2nd and 31st of January

Pretty great, eh?

So, I'll be spending the month under a deluge of guitars. Every year I run this sale and spend all of January wondering if I'm a strange sort of masochist. Seriously, the effect is much like having someone spend the month beating me with a pillowcase full of stomp-boxes.

But I'm the selfless type with only your welfare in mind so I'll make myself blind and mostly insane getting your guitars playing their best.

Guitar setup €25. Bass setup €20.

Frickin' bargain or what?

*A Note on strings: D'addario on the electrics, Martin on the acoutics—if you need something else, I can use yours or source them and sort out any difference in cost.