Haze Super Setup Sale in January

haze guitar and bass setup sale

It's here again: the Massive and Brilliant, Haze Guitars Super Setup Sale. That means Haze-quality setups for stupid prices.

We're talking any guitar for €25 (which includes fresh strings*) and any bass for €20 (strings extra if needed as some bassists only change strings twice in a lifetime).

This craziness applies to any instrument dropped off at my workshop between 2nd and 31st of January

Pretty great, eh?

So, I'll be spending the month under a deluge of guitars. Every year I run this sale and spend all of January wondering if I'm a strange sort of masochist. Seriously, the effect is much like having someone spend the month beating me with a pillowcase full of stomp-boxes.

But I'm the selfless type with only your welfare in mind so I'll make myself blind and mostly insane getting your guitars playing their best.

Guitar setup €25. Bass setup €20.

Frickin' bargain or what?

*A Note on strings: D'addario on the electrics, Martin on the acoutics—if you need something else, I can use yours or source them and sort out any difference in cost.

January Super Setup Sale Update

Guitar and Bass Setup Sale at Haze

Guitar and Bass Setup Sale at Haze

I joked over on Google that the Fantastic Super Haze Setup Sale was speeding my inevitable nervous breakdown and descent into madness. It's true. It can only be a matter of time until I climb a tall building with an air-rifle and begin to seriously smart the skin of innocent passers-by.

If you're the sort who's been desensitised to this kind of awful violence by TV and the internet and would like to speed my crazed, pellet-shooting, lunacy, then you should remember there's still two weeks of January left.

That's two weeks to pile guitar and bass setups on my sagging, tired shoulders.

And, as if ringside seats at my psychotic incident aren't enough, remember that you can get these setups done for equally crazy prices. Seriously: €25 for any guitar setup (even those pointy ones with fiddly Floyds) and €35 for a bass including strings*.

It's like I'm encouraging you to push me over the edge. It's like I want to shoot plastic pellets at random people. "All the clues were there. He was a quiet type—kept to his workshop mostly." That's what they'll say.

Those things can really sting, you know?

Super Guitar And Bass Setup Sale: The Return

Guitar and Bass Setup Sale

Guitar and Bass Setup Sale

It's that time again. All through January, Haze Guitars will be running our Super Setup Sale. Hurrah!

Seriously, hurrah!

For the month of January, you can get a guitar or bass setup done for half-price or even less.

Good, eh?

Why not take advantage of a slow-gig month, or maybe get the best from that new guitar that Santa stuffed into your stocking? Drop me a line and we'll get your guitars or basses playing their best.

If you've a guitar, a setup will cost €25 and will include a fresh set of strings*. This will apply to acoustics, electrics, trem-equipped and even pointy, Floyd-equpped axes for the duration of the sale.

If you've a bass, a setup will cost €35. As this one also includes fresh strings, I reckon this is a mega-bargain*.

These crazy-person, sale prices will apply to any instrument booked-in and dropped off at my workshop in the period from the 3rd to the 31st of January.

There's no upper or lower limit on the number of instruments you can bring. One or forty, whatever works for you.

Surely that deserves a 'hurrah!'

*A little necessary small print about strings. The strings I'll be fitting as standard are D'Addario and Martin for the guitars and Rotosounds (four-string) for the bass. If you prefer/need something else, I'll be happy to use yours or supply some and sort out any difference in costs.

Setups Are Making Me Blind

So, hopefully you'll have heard about my Insane, Clearly-Mental January Setup Sale.  I've done a lot of setups in the last couple of weeks.  This has meant some long hours, fitting them in with the usual repair work and nail-hammering but I'm certainly not complaining.  Many guitars were setup and much tea was consumed (Lyons Tea are going to put a plaque on my wall). We're a little over halfway through January now and as I appear to be some sort of setup masochist, I'm just reminding you that there's still time to contribute to my breakdown.  If half-price guitar and bass setups sound like your thing, or if you simply want to see a grown man weep, drop me a line and we'll see what we can arrange on both counts.

Remember though, the offer is only until the end of January or whenever I collapse in a gibbering heap muttering the word 'intonation' over and over. This could be any day now so get your skates on.

Half-Price Guitar and Bass Setups - Sale Info

Guitar And Bass Setup Sale

Guitar And Bass Setup Sale

A little more information on the Amazing Super January Guitar & Bass SETUP SALE. First off the costs:

For the month of January, a guitar setup will cost €22.50. This crazy, half-price bonanza includes fresh strings.

A bass setup, during the same period, will cost €30 including fresh strings (a mega-bargain).

As mentioned, these costs include new strings (which is why there's a disparity between the bass and guitar setup costs).

If you if you prefer to provide your own brand of string (for instance, if you use some sort of long-life, coated, platinum-plated, strings made from the hair of virgin goats or something), you are welcome to do so.  In this case, the cost for both guitar and bass setups will be €20.

Then the timing:

This offer applies to instruments booked-in and dropped-off at my workshop during the month of January, 2011.

Officially, Haze Guitars opens for business again on the 4th but I'll take emails and calls now and I'll be happy to take drop-offs on the Bank Holiday Monday (if you want to do so before you have to go back to work). Just give me a call to arrange a time.

That's it.  Easy-peasy.  I think this is a pretty good offer so feel free to take advantage of my Harvey-Norman-style madness.  Drop me a line and get your instrument sorted.

Amazing Super January Guitar & Bass SETUP SALE

Guitar And Bass Setup Sale

Guitar And Bass Setup Sale

Half-price or 2 for 1 on guitar setups. We know that January can sometimes be a slow month for gigging musicians.  Why not make the most of that downtime to have your instruments professionally set-up?

And, we also know that for some, January can be the first month with a spanking new Christmas guitar or bass (you lucky people, you).  Well, a good setup can help get the most from your new pride and joy.

So then, for the month of January, Haze Guitars is offering:

The Amazing Super January SETUP SALE.

Any guitar or bass setups booked and dropped in January will be charged at half-price.  If you've more than one guitar, this means it's two for one.

You can get yourself two guitars setup for the, non-princely, sum of €45.  Halve that for one.

Make the most of a slow month.  Make the most of your guitar.  Drop us a line and get set up.

You'd be mad not to.