Super Guitar And Bass Setup Sale: The Return

Guitar and Bass Setup Sale

Guitar and Bass Setup Sale

It's that time again. All through January, Haze Guitars will be running our Super Setup Sale. Hurrah!

Seriously, hurrah!

For the month of January, you can get a guitar or bass setup done for half-price or even less.

Good, eh?

Why not take advantage of a slow-gig month, or maybe get the best from that new guitar that Santa stuffed into your stocking? Drop me a line and we'll get your guitars or basses playing their best.

If you've a guitar, a setup will cost €25 and will include a fresh set of strings*. This will apply to acoustics, electrics, trem-equipped and even pointy, Floyd-equpped axes for the duration of the sale.

If you've a bass, a setup will cost €35. As this one also includes fresh strings, I reckon this is a mega-bargain*.

These crazy-person, sale prices will apply to any instrument booked-in and dropped off at my workshop in the period from the 3rd to the 31st of January.

There's no upper or lower limit on the number of instruments you can bring. One or forty, whatever works for you.

Surely that deserves a 'hurrah!'

*A little necessary small print about strings. The strings I'll be fitting as standard are D'Addario and Martin for the guitars and Rotosounds (four-string) for the bass. If you prefer/need something else, I'll be happy to use yours or supply some and sort out any difference in costs.