Setups Are Making Me Blind

So, hopefully you'll have heard about my Insane, Clearly-Mental January Setup Sale.  I've done a lot of setups in the last couple of weeks.  This has meant some long hours, fitting them in with the usual repair work and nail-hammering but I'm certainly not complaining.  Many guitars were setup and much tea was consumed (Lyons Tea are going to put a plaque on my wall). We're a little over halfway through January now and as I appear to be some sort of setup masochist, I'm just reminding you that there's still time to contribute to my breakdown.  If half-price guitar and bass setups sound like your thing, or if you simply want to see a grown man weep, drop me a line and we'll see what we can arrange on both counts.

Remember though, the offer is only until the end of January or whenever I collapse in a gibbering heap muttering the word 'intonation' over and over. This could be any day now so get your skates on.