2 for 1

Amazing Super January Guitar & Bass SETUP SALE

Guitar And Bass Setup Sale

Guitar And Bass Setup Sale

Half-price or 2 for 1 on guitar setups. We know that January can sometimes be a slow month for gigging musicians.  Why not make the most of that downtime to have your instruments professionally set-up?

And, we also know that for some, January can be the first month with a spanking new Christmas guitar or bass (you lucky people, you).  Well, a good setup can help get the most from your new pride and joy.

So then, for the month of January, Haze Guitars is offering:

The Amazing Super January SETUP SALE.

Any guitar or bass setups booked and dropped in January will be charged at half-price.  If you've more than one guitar, this means it's two for one.

You can get yourself two guitars setup for the, non-princely, sum of €45.  Halve that for one.

Make the most of a slow month.  Make the most of your guitar.  Drop us a line and get set up.

You'd be mad not to.