January Super Setup Sale Update

Guitar and Bass Setup Sale at Haze

Guitar and Bass Setup Sale at Haze

I joked over on Google that the Fantastic Super Haze Setup Sale was speeding my inevitable nervous breakdown and descent into madness. It's true. It can only be a matter of time until I climb a tall building with an air-rifle and begin to seriously smart the skin of innocent passers-by.

If you're the sort who's been desensitised to this kind of awful violence by TV and the internet and would like to speed my crazed, pellet-shooting, lunacy, then you should remember there's still two weeks of January left.

That's two weeks to pile guitar and bass setups on my sagging, tired shoulders.

And, as if ringside seats at my psychotic incident aren't enough, remember that you can get these setups done for equally crazy prices. Seriously: €25 for any guitar setup (even those pointy ones with fiddly Floyds) and €35 for a bass including strings*.

It's like I'm encouraging you to push me over the edge. It's like I want to shoot plastic pellets at random people. "All the clues were there. He was a quiet type—kept to his workshop mostly." That's what they'll say.

Those things can really sting, you know?