New HOW-TO Series: Intonation

Over the next while, I’ll be running a series on Intonation.

We’ll kick off with an introduction outlining the why-and-how basics of intonation on your guitar or bass.

Then, we’ll follow that with a series of articles on exactly how to set the intonation on a number of common instruments—the actual practical steps to get the thing intonated.

Each article will also include a number of extra tips on how to deal with the particular ‘quirks’ of that instrument. These can be really handy as many instruments will throw curve-balls at you as you try to intonate them.

And, last but certainly not least, I’ve written a new guide to accompany the series.

Solving Intonation Problems is a 24-page guide to help deal with some of the trickier issues you’ll come across. It’s crammed with tips to help when you’re stuck and can’t figure out where to go next. There are also some sections on some of the hardware ‘solutions’ to better intonation.

If you do any guitar/bass setup or DIY, I think you’ll find it useful.

Solving Intonation Problems is available for digital download now.

And it’s free.

Just sign up below to get your copy.

And remember to check back here for the intonation articles over the next couple of weeks. If you use a feed reeder you can paste into it and you’ll get them automatically. 

Download a free guide to solving tricky intonation problems

Download a free guide to solving tricky intonation problems

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