Shiny New Look at Haze Guitars

Guitar Repair Dublin - Haze Guitars

Guitar Repair Dublin - Haze Guitars

So what do you think? I've whittled and carved and hammered and sawn my way through a complete web site update. I reckon it looks quite snazzy. I think things should be pretty stable and solid around here but if you notice anything odd over the next few days, I'd appreciate it if you could drop me a line.

Other than the new coat of paint, I've managed to get a few more images of some of the custom instruments I've made. I've been a bit remiss, in the past, about keeping photographs of my guitars and basses but have managed to pull a few together for your viewing pleasure. I'll be more careful about this in the future and will try to get some more images of older instruments too.

I've also enabled comments on these blog posts—the future is interactive, I understand. Do feel free to pipe up with questions, thoughts and whatnot. At the moment, as this site is for my business, I'm moderating comments. We'll see how we get on.

You'll also notice some sharing links down the bottom. If you used them to tell your friends all about the shininess here at Haze, that'd be great.

I hope you like the new look.