Pariah Brothers

Stuff I'm Digging: Crow Black Chicken

To be fair, I’ve been digging Crow Black Chicken for a while now. I caught them by accident, one day in Whelan’s, ages ago and have been loving their dirty blues-rock noises ever since.

Now seems an apt time to mention them, through, as they’ve got a new album, Pariah Brothers, about to drop. The boys recently did a Kickstarter to help fund the album and, for those that chipped in, there’s an early download available.

And it’s great. I’ve only had a chance to listen through a couple of times so far but I’m pretty sure it’ll make the regular rotation here in Haze HQ.

Track-wise, I’m loving The Prophet. It chugs along beautifully, John Lee Hooker-feeling guitar and great rail-riding percussion carrying us to some great choppy slide licks. It’s got a slightly more laid-back feel than other tracks but, at the moment, this might be my favourite track.

Not to say the rest of the album’s any slouch. It’s full of punchy bass and greasy slide guitar and fantastic fuzz. This is the sound I want when I think of power-trio blues rock.

Fans of Irish rock might like that there’s a track called Pat McManus. To my ear, it’s the least CBC-sounding track on the album (which may well be deliberate). It’s a cracker, though. Rocktastic.

The title track, Pariah Brothers, is definitely Crow Black Chicken, though. Possibly a slightly more polished CBC, but it’s got what you’d expect to hear.

Crow Black Chicken are evolving. There’s a bit more spit and polish on Pariah Brothers but I think it’s still got that rawness underneath. I’ve no idea of their studio habits, but these songs don’t feel like they’re played by musicians, jaded after thirty takes. There’s energy and looseness (and even an almost-flub here and there). I hope they never lose that because there’s a lot to love in the grit and dirt and drive that makes CBC.

Pariah Brothers launches in Whelan’s, on the 16th of July. I’m very bummed that I can’t go (DAMMIT!) but, if you can, you really should go see them.

Seriously, go see them.

Or buy an album (physical / iTunes / Bandcamp).

Or do both.

Crow Black Chicken: Pariah Brothers

Crow Black Chicken: Pariah Brothers