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Should Style Follow Setup

Should Style Follow Setup

I feel that I should add a consideration to my occasional rants about making sure that your instrument is setup for your music and your style.

That’s the consideration that style and skill-levels may well change over the years.

Now, this might mean that you tweak your guitar or bass a little here and there as you feel your playing needs change.

Or, the other option is to set-up your instrument based on how you want to be in the future.

Sketchy Setups Now Available

It's done. 

It took some head-scratching and a very late night but Sketchy Setups is now available.

It's twenty-eight, digital pages of hand-drawn illustrations showing the easy way to set up your Strat (don't worry—more instruments will be available soon).

So, if you've always wanted to set up your own instrument, Sketchy Setups will guide you through it, in as simple and friendly a way as possible.

Sketchy Setups #1: The Fender Strat is on sale for $4 (twenty percent off) right now.

This offer only lasts for the next day, though, so get moving. Offer ends on the 7th August at noon Eastern Time.

Get your discounted copy of Sketchy Setups here – Just click the buy link.

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Sketchy Setups Launches Tomorrow

Wow, my hand hurts. 

But, I'm working through the pain because Sketchy Setups launches tomorrow. 

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to the download package, but I think it's coming together nicely.

My aim was to write a simple and fun guide to let anyone setup a guitar. No digging through thick books, no trying to make sense of the manufacturer's vague instructions, no searching for the pearls among millions of forum posts. 

Easy and no fuss. 

I've hand drawn and written everything in this guide to give a friendly, painless, path to great setup. 

I'll post tomorrow as soon as it's available. There are a couple of photos of original inked (pre-scanning) pages below.

I'm excited. And nervous. And tired. Mostly excited, though. 

Sketchy Setups



I’ve been given the chance to take part in a small product workshop (with Gumroad) and I’m using it to scratch an itch that can be quickly scratched.

Introducing Sketchy Setups

Here’s the plan:

A hand-drawn, illustrated guide to setting up a particular instrument (starting with a Strat). It’ll be a short and easy plan to a decent setup in as simple a format as I can manage. We're talking digital download—I'm using the working term, e-pamphlet. 

The idea of the workshop is to get something out there quickly. I’ve got just ten days to get this damn thing complete.

If it’s even half-way decent, I’ll use it as the basis of an ongoing series of Sketchy Setup guides. If it’s rubbish, I’ll curl up in a foetal position for a fortnight and we’ll agree never to speak of it again. Any words of encouragement will be appreciated as I'm deeply terrified by this. 

Now then, since I have an actual day job of fixing your guitars, I’d better get working on that. Sketchy Setups come second.

Sleep is overrated anyway. 


Click for download info…

Click for download info…