Guitar Headstock Repairs with Rubber Bands

There's a lot you can do with a bit of wire, a luggage ratchet-strap, and a big rubber band. 

In some cases, the best way to repair a guitar headstock doesn't involve clamps and cauls. Depends on the particular damage but this one doesn't need anything more 'specialist'. 

Repairing the headstock crack on this Gibson guitar doesn't call for lots of clamps and cauls

Some breaks are much easier and 'sounder' to repair using straps and some rubber bands.

Now, I should mention that this isn't always suitable. In many cases, it's a terrible idea. However, with the 'right' break, this method is not only easier but gives more secure crack closure while the glue cures. 


A comment made me realise I hadn't actually added an 'after' picture. Rectified now. Finished repair below. 

You can just make out the crack below the transition from headstock to neck (although—if I do say so, myself—you have to look pretty closely).