Turning Wood For The Mangled Headstock

If your headstock looks like this, it's probably an indication that something's gone wrong along the way.

It's not pretty

Turning some maple so it's round (and the right size for the holes). I've no idea why that nut's there. 

The previous owner of this bass had left the current owner with some very badly fitting tuners. There was a heap of wood gouged out to try fit some locating keys on a set of tuners and the shaft holes had been badly enlarged and were weird egg shapes (as well as being a poor fit for the tuner bushings).

After I'd trued up the shaft holes, they were far too big. The solution was to turn down a square-cut piece of maple in a lathe until it was a nice, snug fit for my round hole. 

That's how you fit a square peg in a round hole. 

Now to drill a correctly sized hole for the tuner shafts.