Snazzy Guitar To Be

Things have been crazy-busy in the Haze workshop just lately. There's sawdust and pickup wire and rusty nails and stuff everywhere. Apologies are in order, therefore, for my lack of posts here in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes the blog gets prioritised down—sorry about that. I'll try to make that up to you by showing you a pretty picture.

This is a snazzy guitar in emergent form. This is a budding axe, if you will. As you can see, it's got a nicely figured top. A little more unusual than many of the figured tops you'll have seen though (just a little). This is redwood. Pretty, isn't it?

Now, this isn't exactly a rare thing, but as many of you will be used to seeing maple tops on guitars, I thought I'd throw this in the mix. The photo shows the roughly cut-out body of the guitar. There's no finish applied—I've just wet the top slightly to let the figure stand out a little.

I think you'll agree, this is shaping up to be a handsome hunk of wood. I've got enough, nicely-figured, redwood for a few more instruments (any requests?) so this is likely to be the first in a redwood series. I can think of worse things to make guitars from.