I am Legend

So, by now, you should have had a look at the build photos from the Vee-Twin. I'm working with Radio Nova again this year and they'll be giving away one of these beauties during the last week of October (or Rocktober, if you prefer).

The keen-eyed will have spotted that there are two Vee-Twins on the go in these photos. Well, similar to Victor Kiam who liked a razor so much, he bought the company, Nova are getting a handsome Vee-Twin all to themselves.

Nova get one but the other guitar could be all yours if you tune in at 100FM over the next few weeks—check it out. 

In the meantime, have a listen to this. Personally, I have it on repeat all through the day.  

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin

Maiden Lucan

Customised West Ham Steve Harris Iron Maiden bass

This is just a quick post (mainly because I think this is cool). I seem to have a lot of finishing work on lately which has made for a reasonably time-consuming run. There's quite a bit of work in finishing, especially in refinishing or doing cool little custom things like this. 

Steve Harris West Ham Bass

This one needed paint-on 'binding'— and believe me when I say that was time-consuming (I envy the skill of those pin-striper guys you sometimes see on the car-customisation shows). Then a Hammers decal was applied and lacquered over. 

Since I spent much of my formative years with Iron Maiden cranked on the stereo, it was really, really, fun to Steve-Harrisise this bass. 


Blue Collar Sale: Frequently Asked Questions

Haze Guitars Blue Collar

Haze Guitars Blue Collar

The Blue Collar sale is proving popular and I'm getting a couple of questions that are asked quite frequently—frequently asked questions, if you will. I'll attempt to answer a couple of them here (mainly to save myself some effort in typing it multiple times as I'm terribly, terribly lazy).

  • How much will it take to get my mitts on a wonderful Blue Collar? If you place an order in January, you'll pay €350 as a deposit and, when the guitar's ready, there'll be €600 due—a paltry total of €950. Pretty good, eh?
  • How long will it take to get my mitts on a wonderful Blue Collar? Depends a little on how many orders are on but if you assume 12-16 weeks, it's probably a safe bet.
  • Can I change the specs of my Blue Collar? Yep. No problem. That's the beauty ordering a custom, hand-built instrument. Although the Blue Collar is fantastic as it is, you can tweak stuff. Want a different pickup or a second one? Sure thing. Want a mint green pickguard, gold hardware, shiny lacquer? No worries.
  • Will it cost more if I change the specs? Depends what you're looking for but, probably, yes. Give me a shout and we can discuss things and work out a quote.
  • How much will the Blue Collar cost after January? After January, the cost of the Blue Collar will be €1150. You're saving €200 if you stick in an order in the next week or two.
  • Can I have a play of a Blue Collar to see how great it really is? Oh, you're all flattery, aren't you? Yep. No problem. If you pop around to Some Neck Guitars on Aungier Street in Dublin, you should find a Blue Collar to demo.
  • How do I place an order? Just drop me a line and we'll have a chat. Only the deposit is due on order. Bank transfers, cheques, drafts, and grimy wads of cash in brown envelopes are all ok. Once that's sorted, I'll start hammering nails into lumps of wood.

If I've missed anything, feel free to give me a shout.

Oh, right… The spec.

Haze Blue Collar Specifications

  • 2-piece solid ash body Maple neck (bolt-on)
  • Rosewood fingerboard (12" radius) with 21 jumbo frets
  • Bone nut
  • Kluson tuners
  • Intonable wraparound tailpiece/bridge
  • B/W/B pickguard
  • Side mounted output-jack
  • Volume and tone control
  • Duesenberg Domino P-90 style pickup
  • Oil and wax finish.

Bespoke Bridge

IMG 2959

Let's be honest, that's not an attractive bridge. It's seen a lot of action over the years and it's cracked and, somewhere in the distant past, it's had some gunky filler splodged in to try extend its life. And it's actually a slightly odd bridge. Although it has six holes for bridge pins, you can see along the back there are some filled holes as if this bridge were once strung from the top. There are also two little pearl dots which are usually present to hide small bolts (as they do in this case). These bolts are generally used on bridges that string from the top. But, then, why the bridge-pin holes?

It seems likely that the manufacturer repurposed this bridge from another model, filled the string holes and installed with bolts as normal. Fair enough.

This is all an aside anyway. On to the real work.

The owner wants this sorted but I wasn't able to source an off-the-shelf replacement. This means custom-malking a replacement.

custom acoustic guitar bridge
acoustic guitar bridge fix

Getting these things off is a pain—as well as the two little bolts under the pearl, this manufacturer epoxies the bridge in position. I may have used swear words.

Once off, though, I grab a nice piece of rosewood and thickness it to about the right height. I carefully measure and mark off the important dimensions, particularly the pin holes and the bolt holes—if these are misaligned or misplaced, the bridge has to go in the bin.

Some careful drilling and we're ready to shape the bridge. In this case, it's a (relatively) easy job as the original doesn't have a lot of sharp edges to curves that need to be replicated. It's easier to replicate those sweeping lines.

glue acoustic guitar bridge
acoustic guitar custom bridge

Re-attaching the bridge, in this case, means epoxy again. There's a major risk of the bridge sliding about as it's clamped so some very careful preparation was necessary to ensure this didn't happen. Pin-holes and the bolts came in useful in this.

And, you can see the end result in the last image. As it's a nicer piece of rosewood, I think the new bridge actually looks better than the original but, that aside, it's certainly more sound.

Birth of Burlesque

The Haze Burlesque has been revealed. This probably means the teasing images of the build process aren't really needed anymore.

However, I quite like them, so I'm keeping them around (I hope you like them too). Here you go, then: a photo-journal of the birth of Burlesque.

The Burlesque Revealed

Haze Burlesque

The teasing is over, ladies and gentlemen. Step right up and allow me to introduce the Haze Burlesque.

The Burlesque is a brand new model from Haze Guitars.

And it's pretty stunning. A figured-wood top and a curvy, mahogany body give an irresistible look, but the Burlesque's beauty is more than skin-deep. The two humbucker pickups are wound to vintage PAF specs for a sweet, classic sound. Their smooth tones coupled with a wraparound bridge mean the Burlesque can sustain all night.

A 630mm scale-length and twenty-two, gold EVO frets—along with a wonderful, bend-friendly setup—make the Burlesque something you won't want to keep your hands off.

A volume for each pickup, a master tone and a three-way toggle control things. Gotoh 510 tuners and a bone nut with straight string-pull keep the tuning solid.

Sweet tones, wrapped in a beautiful package. Be seduced by the Burlesque.

And remember, all this week you can tune in to Radio Nova to learn how to win your very own Haze Burlesque. There are some more images on Facebook and some more will be added over the next few days so pop over and Like Haze Guitars to keep abreast (ahem).

Burlesque Tease III

The teasing is coming to an end. I know you're ready, now. I can feel it—you're poised. Soon, soon. Hold on. Remember that you can win a Haze Burlesque with Radio Nova. Tune in for details.

In the meantime…

Haze burlesque custom instrumennt
Haze burlesque guitar