Vee-Twin Lift-Off

I'm just off for a chat with Pat down at Radio Nova later this afternoon. I'll be bringing along two Vee-Twins. One will be presented to it's new owner, Hogy Fuellgrabe—the lucky winner of the Nova Rocktober competition. The other now belongs to Nova themselves—and let's face it, how could they not get themselves a V-type guitar that's made for rock?

Things should be kicking-off (or lifting-off) just after 6pm so tune in if you've got a radio (100FM) or some sort of computing device handy to listen online. 

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin

I am Legend

So, by now, you should have had a look at the build photos from the Vee-Twin. I'm working with Radio Nova again this year and they'll be giving away one of these beauties during the last week of October (or Rocktober, if you prefer).

The keen-eyed will have spotted that there are two Vee-Twins on the go in these photos. Well, similar to Victor Kiam who liked a razor so much, he bought the company, Nova are getting a handsome Vee-Twin all to themselves.

Nova get one but the other guitar could be all yours if you tune in at 100FM over the next few weeks—check it out. 

In the meantime, have a listen to this. Personally, I have it on repeat all through the day.  

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin