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Vee-Twin Lift-Off

I'm just off for a chat with Pat down at Radio Nova later this afternoon. I'll be bringing along two Vee-Twins. One will be presented to it's new owner, Hogy Fuellgrabe—the lucky winner of the Nova Rocktober competition. The other now belongs to Nova themselves—and let's face it, how could they not get themselves a V-type guitar that's made for rock?

Things should be kicking-off (or lifting-off) just after 6pm so tune in if you've got a radio (100FM) or some sort of computing device handy to listen online. 

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin

Gimme Some Sugar, Baby

A couple of posts back, I mentioned the awesome Pat Courtenay Presents gig in The Button Factory last week. You might recall I posted a photo of Pat rocking a Haze Blue Collar. Well, as this is the twenty-first century and we're all about the multimedia and the YouTubes and whatnot, here's a video of Pat playing Brown Sugar with The Clap. Handsome guitar, eh?

I suggest you get to Facebook and do a LIKE for Pat Courtenay Presents so you can keep up with news of the next one of these gigs. If it's anything like the first, it's not to be missed.

Pat also played a couple of numbers with The Harleys but I was backstage and didn't manage to get any photos. Hopefully, there'll be some video for that too—waiting eagerly.

Pat Courtenay Presents: ROCK

Pat Courtenay Presents

The first 'Pat Courtenay Presents' gig was last night and it rocked.

Local readers will probably know Pat from Radio Nova but this is something new. In a bid to help showcase local and rising bands, Pat put together a fantastic night of rock (hopefully the first of many).

There were three bands on the night The Clap, Eazy Tyger and The Harleys; each different sorts of awesome. If you get a chance to see any of these, take it. I suspect you won't be disappointed. As a clever touch, Pat had even arranged a couple of buskers to entertain as the bands changed over.

I drank a pint or two and did some minor guitar-tech stuff for Pat, who played a few songs with the bands. Rather splendidly, he played his Haze Blue Collar guitar. You can call me biased if you like but, damn, it sounded great.

Thanks to Pat for the shout-out on the night and for organising a night of great music.