Who Wants a Guitar Heroes Calendar?

I was, very kindly, given one of these Ernie Ball Guitar Heroes calendars. As it happens, though, I have literally no wall space available to hang it up. 

If you want it, just say hello in the comments. I'll pick someone at random in a couple of days and send it out. 

UPDATE: Congrats to Gar O'Brien who gets a calendar. Hurrah!

Fabulous Haze Mugs Won!

DUBLIN, October 10 — Hoards of disappointed musicians today descended on the international headquarters of Haze Guitars. In what has become known as 'The Great Mug Discontent', the angry mob of guitarists and bassists dragged proprietor, Gerry Hayes, from the building before carrying him off to attend a special 'punishment screening' of X-Factor. Above the din of the crowd, Hayes could be heard shouting, "It's only a bloody mug!"

— o —

So, then… At the risk of inciting the scene above, I'm delighted (and slightly scared) to announce the winners of the mugs

The comment that amused me most was: 

We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
How much again for a refret?
— Joe Clifford

And the comment picked by the online random number generator (and you should send your angry emails to them, not me) was from Ciarán Nestor.

An exclusive Haze mug will be winging its way to Joe and Ciarán soon. Quite soon, anyway. 

Congratulations to you both. You are now the envy of your friends and of musicians everywhere. 


Win a Haze Mug

You can win this fabulous prize…

Ok, ok. Everybody's always hassling me about the mugs.

"Gimme a mug, gimme a mug," is all I hear. Well, maybe not all but I hear it a lot. 

So, here it is. 

The Great Haze Guitars Mug Caption Competition Thing

I'm doing this here on the blog to make it fair to those that don't use any particular social network. Here's how it'll work. 

  1. Absorb the awesomeness of the image* below.
  2. Leave an appropriate CAPTION for the photo in the comments. 

The caption I find most amusing (or deeply moving) will win a mug. And, to be extra fair, I'll pick one other caption at random and send a mug too. 

Behold and caption me…

Caption me and win a mug. 

Caption me and win a mug. 

Rules: My decision is final so don't whinge or sue me—it's only a bloody mug. No, you can't have money instead—it's a bloody mug. I'm not responsible if you scald yourself with hot beverages from the mug or if the handle falls off and the mug breaks your foot. Entries close at midnight GMT on Wednesday October 7th, 2015 so if it's after that, no mug for you. If you win, I'll post the mug through normal postal services and it'll ship when I can manage to get to the post office so don't whinge—it's only a bloody mug.

*Note: I've tried pretty hard to find the original owner of this photo but can't. It's too widespread over the web and there doesn't seem to be a definitive first post. I'm sort of assuming it's fair game at this point but, if this is yours let me know if you'd rather I removed it.

Sky Arts Guitar Star

Sky Arts is running their own guitar talent competition. If guitar stardom sounds like your cup of tea, you might want to check it out.

We’re on the hunt for amazing undiscovered guitarists to take part in a huge new talent search, and the winner will get to play on the main stage at Latitude festival this summer in front of 40,000 people. The competition is open to any age group and any genre (be it rock, jazz, classical, blues or anything else) and closed auditions will be filmed in London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Dublin in April.

You can find out more at the Sky Arts' Guitar Star page and at the application video on YouTube.

Throughout the process, they’ll meet and be mentored by some of the biggest guitar stars in the world. The semi-finalists will hone their act in a recording studio, where they will work with a global guitar legend to perfect their sound.
— Sky Arts Guitar Star

If you're a less rubbish guitarist than me (and I'm under no delusions, you definitely are), maybe you'll want to look into this. It sounds like it's going to be a show format that we're already familiar with—just with guitars—and some of the stages and prizes sound interesting. 

The initial 'qualifiers' seem to be based on posting a video so I'm hopeful that means we'll avoid the schadenfreude that plagues the early stages of some TV talent competitions. It looks like contestants will have to work in genres other than their 'usual' each week so I think there's potential to hear some good players stretch themselves if this is handled well. 

Bassists need not apply, though. Bummer.


Mug Winner

July's newsletter competition proved harder than I'd expected it to be. There were plenty of correct answers, however, and I've picked a winner at random from among them. One lucky, lucky person will bag themselves a prestigious Haze Guitars mug. Ooooh!

First, though the answer. Who could identify the guitar featured in the super-close-up photo on the left?

The close-up to be identified

The close-up to be identified

The answer: A Fender Jaguar

The answer: A Fender Jaguar

The answer is the Fender Jaguar. Easy when you know, isn't it? ;-) The photo on the right shows the not-so-close view of the crazy 'claw' shielding the sides of the Jag pickup.

The winner of the fabulous, Haze Guitars mug is Russell Willis from sunny California (although he's actually near San Francisco so perhaps it's foggy California). Either way, a Haze mug is winging its way to you, Russell.

As a serving suggestion, might I recommend strong tea?  :-) 

Serving Suggestion: Proper, strong, tea.

Serving Suggestion: Proper, strong, tea.

If you'd like the chance to win some Haze swag from time to time, (as well as the chance to learn cool guitar-type things), sign up for my newsletter. 

Vee-Twin Lift-Off

I'm just off for a chat with Pat down at Radio Nova later this afternoon. I'll be bringing along two Vee-Twins. One will be presented to it's new owner, Hogy Fuellgrabe—the lucky winner of the Nova Rocktober competition. The other now belongs to Nova themselves—and let's face it, how could they not get themselves a V-type guitar that's made for rock?

Things should be kicking-off (or lifting-off) just after 6pm so tune in if you've got a radio (100FM) or some sort of computing device handy to listen online. 

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin

I am Legend

So, by now, you should have had a look at the build photos from the Vee-Twin. I'm working with Radio Nova again this year and they'll be giving away one of these beauties during the last week of October (or Rocktober, if you prefer).

The keen-eyed will have spotted that there are two Vee-Twins on the go in these photos. Well, similar to Victor Kiam who liked a razor so much, he bought the company, Nova are getting a handsome Vee-Twin all to themselves.

Nova get one but the other guitar could be all yours if you tune in at 100FM over the next few weeks—check it out. 

In the meantime, have a listen to this. Personally, I have it on repeat all through the day.  

Haze Guitars Vee-Twin

Birth of Burlesque

The Haze Burlesque has been revealed. This probably means the teasing images of the build process aren't really needed anymore.

However, I quite like them, so I'm keeping them around (I hope you like them too). Here you go, then: a photo-journal of the birth of Burlesque.

The Burlesque Revealed

Haze Burlesque

The teasing is over, ladies and gentlemen. Step right up and allow me to introduce the Haze Burlesque.

The Burlesque is a brand new model from Haze Guitars.

And it's pretty stunning. A figured-wood top and a curvy, mahogany body give an irresistible look, but the Burlesque's beauty is more than skin-deep. The two humbucker pickups are wound to vintage PAF specs for a sweet, classic sound. Their smooth tones coupled with a wraparound bridge mean the Burlesque can sustain all night.

A 630mm scale-length and twenty-two, gold EVO frets—along with a wonderful, bend-friendly setup—make the Burlesque something you won't want to keep your hands off.

A volume for each pickup, a master tone and a three-way toggle control things. Gotoh 510 tuners and a bone nut with straight string-pull keep the tuning solid.

Sweet tones, wrapped in a beautiful package. Be seduced by the Burlesque.

And remember, all this week you can tune in to Radio Nova to learn how to win your very own Haze Burlesque. There are some more images on Facebook and some more will be added over the next few days so pop over and Like Haze Guitars to keep abreast (ahem).

Burlesque Tease III

The teasing is coming to an end. I know you're ready, now. I can feel it—you're poised. Soon, soon. Hold on. Remember that you can win a Haze Burlesque with Radio Nova. Tune in for details.

In the meantime…

Haze burlesque custom instrumennt
Haze burlesque guitar