Win a Haze Mug

You can win this fabulous prize…

Ok, ok. Everybody's always hassling me about the mugs.

"Gimme a mug, gimme a mug," is all I hear. Well, maybe not all but I hear it a lot. 

So, here it is. 

The Great Haze Guitars Mug Caption Competition Thing

I'm doing this here on the blog to make it fair to those that don't use any particular social network. Here's how it'll work. 

  1. Absorb the awesomeness of the image* below.
  2. Leave an appropriate CAPTION for the photo in the comments. 

The caption I find most amusing (or deeply moving) will win a mug. And, to be extra fair, I'll pick one other caption at random and send a mug too. 

Behold and caption me…

Caption me and win a mug. 

Caption me and win a mug. 

Rules: My decision is final so don't whinge or sue me—it's only a bloody mug. No, you can't have money instead—it's a bloody mug. I'm not responsible if you scald yourself with hot beverages from the mug or if the handle falls off and the mug breaks your foot. Entries close at midnight GMT on Wednesday October 7th, 2015 so if it's after that, no mug for you. If you win, I'll post the mug through normal postal services and it'll ship when I can manage to get to the post office so don't whinge—it's only a bloody mug.

*Note: I've tried pretty hard to find the original owner of this photo but can't. It's too widespread over the web and there doesn't seem to be a definitive first post. I'm sort of assuming it's fair game at this point but, if this is yours let me know if you'd rather I removed it.