Win A Custom Guitar - Radio Nova & Haze Guitars

Haze Guitars Radio Nova Custom Instrument CompetitionSo, I told you it was gonna be good.

I'm assuming that a lot of the (Irish) people that read this probably listen to Radio Nova for their fix of great, guitary music. Well, now you've got another reason to tune in.

The teasers have started to air and I can now announce that I've been working with Nova to help spread guitary-goodness.

Next week (first week in October) Nova will be running a fantastic competition for their Rocktober 500 Countdown. It'll have a rather special prize:

A custom Haze guitar or bass.

Yep, the lucky winner will get to design their perfect instrument with me and I'll build it for him or her.

This will be a completely custom instrument. I'll meet with the winner to discuss and decide on specifications and then I'll hack at bits of wood and metal and strings and stuff to make their dream guitar or bass.

Pretty cool, eh?

More details to follow. For now though, if I were you, I'd turn on the radio.