Season’s Greetings

This time of year always feels like a good time to say thank you and to wish you well.


Thank you.

Thank you for reading this stuff. Thank you for emailing me and commenting on this stuff. If you’ve downloaded or bought any of my books this year, thank you. If you’ve trusted me with your guitars or basses this year, a massive thank you. All of this means a lot to me and I really appreciate your trust.

I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with my family — it’s gonna be great. If you’re celebrating something this time of year, I hope your holiday is fantastic. And, if you’re not celebrating anything in particular, well, then just have a great day. 👍

Happy Christmas and thanks again.


P.S. Haze Guitars is now closed for the holidays and will reopen in the new year, on 2nd of January. See you then.

Happy Christmas from Gerry at Haze Guitars

Addendum: Locking Tuner Advice Debunked?

Addendum: Locking Tuner Advice Debunked?

So, after publishing the advice to always tune UP to a note for stability, I had a lot of questions about some advice from Fender saying the opposite when using locking tuners. Should you always tune up or should you sometimes go past the note and tune down?

Where’s my Debunking Hat?