Bass In Waiting



Doesn't look like much, does it? Just a few hunks of wood, really. It's going to be a bass in a while.

And, to be more precise about that wood, what we actually have is a hunk of nicely figured ash, a hunk of rock-hard maple and a hunk of darkest, darkest, ebony.

That ash (the biggest bit of wood in the image) will form the body of the Radio Nova Rocktober bass. It's going to be finished in a 'black-burst' effect, with a clear centre, gradually darkening to a black-toned edge. I think that'll look pretty damn cool with this grain peeking out underneath.

The maple will form the neck and the ebony will be slotted for a 30" scale to form the fingerboard (and to carry the black theme up to the headstock).

It's gonna be handsome and no mistake but these lumps of wood are going to impart a great tone too.

Looking forward to getting going on this. Check back soon for more.