The Radio Nova Rocktober Guitar

A little late with this but things have been hectic in the Haze shop lately. However, its time to discuss the guitar I'll be making for the winner of Radio Nova's Rocktober competition (see posts below if you want to catch up). As you'll know if you tuned in for the final, nail-biting, minutes, the number one song in Nova's 500 Countdown was Stairway To Heaven. Greg Dunne was one of those that guessed this and his name was picked from the hat. I met with Greg and a guitar-playing friend, Erin, recently and we got geeky with some instrument-talk.

So what's it gonna be?

Well, the instrument I'll be making and presenting will be a Haze Bassmaster 6.


I'm actually really pleased with this as I love these things. The Bassmaster is a six-string, short-scale bass. It's a 30" scale-length bass but it's got a really guitar-like feel to it. It feels very much like a middle-ground between bass and guitar and it's got some great versatility to its playability and its tone.

A little about the specs we've agreed:

The finish will be a toned, black-burst effect so I'm sourcing some nicely figured ash for the body and that grain will look great through the burst. The neck will be maple and the fingerboard, ebony to keep the black theme going. A white/black/white pickguard will be broken by all of those shiny, chromed, control panels and the instrument will be fitted with a vibrato tailpiece and roller bridge.

I think it's going to look great. A little bit like this but with a few changes. What do you reckon?

Haze Bassmaster Radio Nova

Haze Bassmaster Radio Nova