I'll Never Have That Recipe Again

Thanks to an article on Dangerous Minds, I've spent the last few hours listening—over and over—to various covers of Jimmy Webb's MacArthur Park. The workshop's been a MacArthur Park zone all afternoon. Brilliant.

One of my favourites is Webb himself, singing and playing piano—no crazy disco orchestra. I've listened to this ten times or more.

Check out the post. There's a lot of different versions to enjoy (you really need to see Glen Campbell shredding it on his turn). Weirdly, it doesn't include the studio version of Richard Harris' original release. So here you go: 

'50s Fender Factory Tour

This is magnificent and I really feel that every player should watch it. 

Restored film showing the Fender factory from circa 1959. That vintage, pre-CBS Strat you've been wishing for? That's it being set-up by the sweating, bare-chested, guy. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 

I've got tons of respect for the men and women working here. Especially those blokes spraying without masks—they've all probably died from dissolved lungs by now. 


Huge thanks to Mark Chyna for sharing this with me. 

Did I mention, 'brilliant'?

Video: Ovation Truss Rod Access

When I wrote Truss Rods Made Easy, I mentioned that Ovation, bowl-back guitars, without a regular sound hole, had to have their truss rods adjusted through an access port around the back. I didn't have a guitar handy for a photo, though, and pretty much forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago when I was working on one. 

I took a quick video. 

And, since I'm essentially an excitable child, I felt the journey inside was just crying out for a horror-movie drone over it. 

No, you're a nerd!

News: Sonic Highways

Dave Bloody Grohl. He’s always so bloody annoying, going about being good at stuff. Being all talented, and seeming like a nice guy. God, I hate him. ;-)

And now there’s this. Sonic Highways is a documentary by Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Released by HBO, it’s a series of shows exploring American music and its ‘geography’. The inspiration and recording of the Foo’s new album is also documented as they glean inspiration from the music of each city they visit.

It's been showing in the US (and is available on HBO Go) for a little while and I understand that BBC4 has shown a couple. Oddly, BBC seem to be releasing the middle of the series on iPlayer only. Hmmm. Anyway, if you've got access to BBC iPlayer, I suggest you go watch it before it disappears.

Take a look at the trailer and get a feeling for the depth and breadth of the show.

Bloody, Grohl.


UPDATE: Post updated mere minutes after it was originally published to reflect the fact that Sonic Highways is available through BBC iPlayer. Oh, and to change the stupid auto-corrected 'Growl' back to 'Grohl'. Grrr. 

Haze Guitars on YouTube

Thanks to the Byzantine bureaucracy of Google, it was necessary to move the Haze Guitars YouTube channel.  I'm really sorry if you'd already subscribed. I've re-uploaded some stuff but I've lost my stats and the like which sucks a little. At least it should now be done and dusted for ever (or until we all get fitted with our Google brain implant).

hope to be uploading some more videos as time rolls on so it'd be great if you could pop over and subscribe (or re-subscribe). 

Here you go: Haze Guitars on YouTube

Cheers everyone.