Season's Greetings and Thank You

Excellent colouring by Eimear.  :-)

Excellent colouring by Eimear.  :-)

Season’s greetings, all. Ho ho ho and all that.

It’s that time of year again. As Santa rocks and rolls, I take a few days off. The only guitar I’ll be touching over the next few days is my own. There is turkey that must be consumed and interesting ales that must be drunk, so:

Haze Guitars will be closed from 23rd December, opening again on January 4th.

I’ll be hitting the ground at a sprint in January. The traditional Haze Setup Sale will run all through January. More on that in a few days—stay tuned.

Thank you

Also traditional—and hugely important—as the year draws to an end, I want to say a massive and sincere ‘thank you’ to everybody who’s trusted me with their instruments over the last year. I understand these instruments mean a lot to you and it means a lot to me that you trusted me with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope I was able to help out.

Happy Holidays

So, to you all, a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Saturnalia, Solstice, Newtonmas, Rod Serling’s Birthday, or whatever you happen to celebrate around this time of year. Or, if you don’t celebrate anything around now, just have a nice day. 

Cheers, everyone.

Haze Guitars Christmas Opening 2011

HazeGuitarsChristmasWell, I wish it could be Christmas every day. Not really, obviously—my liver would never take it and I'd be ridden with gout but, once a year works pretty well. So, as I prepare to put my internal organs through a gruelling, endurance test of alcohol and rich foods, I should probably let you know when I'll be available over the season of excess and family arguments.

Haze Guitars will be closed from December 23rd to January 3rd.

I'll be checking in on emails from time to time during this period, though, so you should feel free to drop me a line if you like.

As has become customary at this time of year, I'd like to say thank you to those of you who've entrusted me with your beloved instruments over the last twelve months. I genuinely appreciate it and I hope I've been able to help you out.

In the new year, I'll be hitting the ground running with the Super Setup Sale (more in a while) and, if last year is anything to go by, that should certainly help shift those Christmas pudding inches on my midriff.

In the meantime, however, I'll just wish you all a splendid Christmas. Hopefully Santa will pop some geeky, guitary stuff in your stocking.

Thanks, everyone. Have a great Christmas.